Wave of Change


Sea protection initiative organized by the Norwegian Davines distributor, in collaboration with the Nordic Ocean Watch association

Wave of Change was born out of an idea from the Davines distributor in Norway to create awareness of B Corp values and raise awareness about ocean pollution. The project was developed together with Nordic Ocean Watch, an environmental collective that cares for the ocean with concrete actions. 



Tavaha is the Nordic expression for taking care of the ocean: ta vare på havet. It is also referred to as the nordic aloha. Tavaha encompasses unity, understanding and solidarity across borders, generations and cultures.

The ocean is what connects the world. It has always taken care of us and we cannot live without it. It’s time we return the favour. #tavaha

The project

Since November 2018, participating salons and their clients have been involved in two different ways: they have made donations toward cleaning the ocean, and they have organised concrete work to remove trash from beaches, parks, and cities.


Norway distributor, professional clients and final clients. 


€ 4,300 donated to Nordic Ocean Watch to combat ocean pollution in Scandinavia. 

50 salons involved.

Photo Credits: Nordic Ocean Watch

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