Antalya, let's celebrate 10 years together!


At the Vibe Show Turkey we commemorated an important anniversary: we want to share it with you all!

In 2019, we celebrated 10 years of Davines presence in Turkey. A very important anniversary that was commemorated at the Antalya Vibe Show: an engaging performance, whit the participation of 2 international hairstylists and over 400 Davines customers.


This Davines event helped protecting the environment, as well: according to our choice for sustainability, we planted a tree for each of the participants of the Vibe Show, so that the Davines Communty of Turkey can recognize itself in a small forest, deeply rooted in the love for nature and beauty.

On November 4th, 2019, the Davines Turkey community gathered to celebrate our 10th year anniversary. And what was the best way to do it? With an exciting show! 

On stage, 2 international stylists - Francesco Ferri and the Allilon team - and a group of dancers performing to present View, the new Davines line of demipermanent colors that reminds us every day how our uniqueness moves the world!

And coming to the World Wide Hair Tour  - that this year will take place in New York - on the occasion of this anniversary in Antalya 3 important Davines salons of Turkey were awarded with a surprise prize: a complimentary participation to the WWHT!

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