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Sculpture Prints

The 2021 blonde hair lifestyle collection by Tom Connell

Discover our new Sculptoning technique to lighten and tone every type of blonde hair, from warm to cool shades.

Welcome March 2021! To celebrate the warm light of spring, Tom Connell is presenting the new Sculptoning technique that defines, illuminates, and sculpts blonde hair. We introduce you two iconic cuts - a long bob with fringe and a long classic hairstyle- in which freehand artistic brush strokes give depth and highlight to the colour. Each look bears the name of the woman who wears it, as part of the "Davines Portraits of People project": a long-term cultural journey that began in 2020 with The Eternals  collection, aimed at representing the evolution of how women express their personality through hair.

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A long bob with a layered front was cut and dried naturally, allowing the hair to guide the shape, moving around the eyes and cheek bones. 

This shape was treated as a solid sculpture, and the fringe along with the natural flicks of hair were painted freehand using an artist brush to add a dark cool brown tone around the face. 

The Sculptoning technique gives depth and highlights, in order to accentuate the flattering areas of Bella's face.

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Scupltoning: your hair is your canvas

The new  Sculptoning technique uses the hair as a precious raw material, on which the hairdresser  can  "sculpt" volumes using different  tones of colour.  Very similar to what the  contouring technique does in makeup, hair  Sculptoning uses  lighter and darker  blond tones to define, enhance and sculpt the structure of  a cut.  The colour brush strokes are painted freehand  by the stylist, meaning every look is unique and truly bespoke to the hair, face and personality of the individual.

Davines Team

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This beautiful golden tone can be the perfect introduction to blond for women with a with a warm undertone and natural brown hair.

The colour features a peach base and darker beige ends, created with a freehand Sculptoning technique. 

After the colour base is done, the hairdresser ties a low ponytail and paints the lengths using an artist brush with a dark beige toner. Once the elastic is removed, a very natural shadow is diffused into the hair fading out towards the ends

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Tom Connell - Davines Hair Art Director
Ashleigh HodgesDavines Colour Ambassador

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