A Room of One's Own


In La Rochelle, France, a Sustainable Beauty Partner   salon inaugurated the "pièce privée": a private room dedicated to women facing cancer therapy. 

Many years ago Virginia Woolf wrote that, to tell her own story, a woman needs to have a room of her own. Space, time and privacy are essential factors to find one's own balance, especially when facing a disease. For this reason Celyne, owner of a Davines Sustainable Beauty Partner salon in La Rochelle, France, decided to create a "pièce privée" in her salon.

The "pièce privée"

We are talking about a "private room" in which Celyne - by appointment only and with closed curtains - receives women who are losing their hair due to cancer therapies or other diseases. To walk side by side with her customers in this difficult time, able to put self-confidence and self-esteem to the test, Celyne offers help in finding femininity again

through a vast choice of bands, turbans but also wigs or volumizers, which compensate for the hair loss during chemotherapy and after the treatment. Celyne also organizes makeup workshops in the hospital.


The cause of women facing cancer has always been very dear to my heart. I decided to create a dedicated space in my salon, not because hair loss is a taboo, but because I want to guarantee my clients that they can be welcomed in a place where listening and privacy are the priority.

Celyne Billaud

Le Salon - La Rochelle

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